Perhaps one of the missing keys in the cause of missions in fundamental churches today is missions involvement. How sad that some churches are missing the blessing of this ministry. Nothing is more vitalizing to the church and nothing is more refreshing to the individual Christian than the blessing of being involved in missions.

Jesus said in John 4:35, Say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

We, the members of Winkler Road Baptist Church, have caught a glimpse of that vision, and it has stirred our hearts. As we enter our fourth decade of ministry, we desire an even greater vision and an even greater involvement in missions. We cannot live on past blessings but must ever seek new ones. These are the blessings that make for growth and for good spiritual health.

Our November Missions Conference has always been one of the highlights of the year for Winkler Road Baptist Church. Each year missionaries from around the world come and present their ministries and share their burdens. At the present time, Winkler Road supports 230 missionary outreaches in 65 countries.

Over the past several years the pastoral staff have visited some of our missionary families on the fields of Philippines, Bolivia, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, and Honduras. In the summer of 2010 our teens went to Honduras to help our missionaries, Paul and Lois Howell. Our college and career class went to Alaska to work with our missionary Les Zerbe, while Pastor Sutton went to Peru to preach for missionary Joe Kotvas. Pastor Strange was part of a conference with several of our missionaries in Bolivia in 2012.

Total countries

Supported Missionaries

A – Albania (1), Argentina (1), Australia (2)
B – Bahamas (1), Barbados (2), Belarus (1), Belize (1), Bolivia (8), Brazil (8), Burundi (1*)
C – Cambodia (4), Canada (4), Chile (4), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1*), Costa Rica (2)
E – Ecuador (1), Egypt (2), Estonia (1), Ethiopia (1)
F – France (1)
G – Germany (1), Grenada (2), Guyana (3)
H – Haiti (13), Honduras (3)
I – India (5), Iraq (2), Ireland (2), Israel (1)
J – Japan (2)
K – Kenya (10)
L – Liberia (1)
M – Mexico (8), Micronesia (1), Morocco (1), Myanmar (7)
N – Nepal (1), New Zealand (1), Nigeria (1)
P – Panama (1), Paraguay (1), Peru (4), Philippines (45), Puerto Rico (2)
R – Romania (1), Russia (2**), Rwanda (1*)
S – St. Vincent (1), sierra Leone (1), South Korea (1), Spain (1), Suriname (1)
T – taiwan (1), Tanzania (2), Thailand (3), Togo (3), Trinidad (1), Turks & Caicos islands (1)
U – Ukraine (3**), united kingdom (2), United States (35)
V – Venezuela (1), Vietnam (1)
Z – Zambia (2), Zimbabwe (1)

(* one missionary has oversight of three countries.

**Another missionary has oversight of two countries)